Dear Board of Education Members, 

My name is Anthony J. Hernandez and I am writing this letter to represents my interest in applying for the Board of Education position. Let me start off by telling you about myself.    I am a native of Globe Az. I was born and raised here and an alumni of Globe High School, class of 2001. . I joined the military the day before 9/11 I would I served 3 long tours in a war zone and 12 years as an Infantry sergeant.  I have had the privilege of serving alongside great men and woman in the Military.  I have graduate in 3 leadership academies and I understand the commitment dedication and sacrifice it takes to be a leader. I have currently retired from the military and returned to my home town to continue to serving the community. I joined the Veterans of foreign Wars in 2014. I have held the elected position of Post Commander for Post 1704 here in Globe for 4 years. I was recently elected to District Commander for 6 cities around our county. 

During my time of being a commander I have help fellow veterans that have had a hard time adjusting to regular life. I have helped them get disability claim filed, awards recovered for service and finical help as needed. I have worked with the city of Globe and the council members to stretch the reach to veterans in the community.  I have always been one to step up and make a difference in any way I can. I have also been a Track and Field and Football head coach for High Desert Middle School for 4 years. I became a coach to put back into my community by helping today’s youth become model citizens and leaders in our community. I believe that today’s youth needs role models that are willing to make them the best they can be in life. With technology everywhere now a day’s it’s hard to keep our youth in tuned with what is going on around them. They have the abilities to conquer the world but are missing guldens and leadership. I am hoping as a leader in this community that I can make a difference in their lives giving them the tools they need to succeed in life. 

I understand the hardships of growing up in a small town.  I recognize that our future is our children. I want to put as much as I can to creating a strong future for them, their children and generations after. If given the chance I would like to be one of the leaders in Globe Unified school district. I would like to bring a fresh look into our future and work with those that are making a difference every day for our youth. I would be honored to represent our community and continue to be a voice for our youth. I would like to continue to put more in to our community to better the future.  

In closing I would be honored to have the opportunity to be part of our leaders in the school district and help our youth become brighter and strong for the future. We must give them every opportunity to succeed. Open every door for them to explore and become strong adults with the knowledge and understanding of the world that will ultimately become theirs.